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How to Register to Play or Coach

  1. Sign up or login at    (Make sure you have a valid e-mail address that you can access to receive the code to proceed further)

  2. Then it will ask you to “Verify your account”. Go to your e-mail account to find an e-mail from PlayHQ with a verification code.  Copy that code and paste it in to your PlayHQ account.

  3. Once you are signed in go to “Discover Associations”

  4. Select  “Doncaster All Abilities Basketball”  

  5. Next click on Register

  6. Press “Register a Player, Coach or Team Manager”

  7. Press “Get Started”

  8. If registering for yourself press “I am registering myself” or if you are doing on behalf of someone press “I am registering someone else”

  9. Next it will ask if you are a: Player, Coach or Team Manager

  10. Select the one you are and complete your registration. Players will be required to pay for their registration on completion

  11. E-mail to let us know you have registered so we can allocate you to a side

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