Dear DAAB Community,


I am writing to provide an important update to DAAB’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The DAAB competition, training, and associated events are suspended indefinitely.

DAAB is affiliated with Basketball Victoria. BV decided last Friday to suspend all competitions and programs. We must also do the same until relevant  authorities give the all clear to recommence.


Most importantly, the competition will only recommence when the DAAB committee is fully satisfied that it is safe to do so. The welfare of our players is always our primary concern and the DAAB committee must consider its ‘duty of care’ to all stakeholders in the club.


The DAAB Committee have made a number of other key decisions in relation to the competition:

  • At the point at which the DAAB basketball competition can resume, we will start a new season.

  • We have cancelled all finals for the current season.  Furthermore, they will not be played after the competition resumes. The title in each division will be awarded to the team that finished on top of their division after the last game played on March 12.

  • All registration monies paid for the April to September 2020 season will be held by DAAB pending commencement of the new season. Decisions on any amounts to be reimbursed in relation to games not held in the new season will be made when such amounts can be quantified.  Reimbursement is subject to BV fees that must be paid.

  • Consistent with suspension of DAAB games, the Leadership group is also suspended until the resumption of the competition,

  • The DAAB committee and its subcommittee dealing with this issue both  meet regularly.  

  • The DAAB Committee will update all members of the DAAB community about any further impacts on the competition as developments arise.

  • Given the current situation, we envisage that the next season is likely to be shorter than planned originally. Our plan for the new season will be forwarded to all players/parents/carers when possible.


As President of DAAB and with a son playing in the competition, I understand the enormity of the suspension of DAAB games. The club is more than a sporting organisation as it also acts as a social gathering for all our participants.

I also understand how confusing the current times are for many of our players. We are certainly in unprecedented times.


I wish all the DAAB community good health and look forward to restarting our competition as soon as we can. DAAB will be back and I look forward to seeing the joy on faces as we go about our sporting and social endeavours as a family club.


Kind Regards,

Lance Nilsson – President of Doncaster All Abilities Basketball Inc

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